Tia Hughes
Marijuana Prevention Coordinator
Brief info

Tia Hughes is a person in long term recovery. She chose to step out of active addiction and has walked the hard journey of recovery since that day. She is a fierce advocate for people in all stages of their recovery journey, is willing to meet needs in our community, whatever they may be, and has recently worked to create a new recovery housing program for women, Bridge to Shore Recovery. Tia has seen people in her life impacted by substance use in ways that are sometimes heartbreaking and wants to change the path of as many others as she can. She now works for Carter County Drug Prevention to educate youth on the dangers associated with substance use. Tia spends the time when she's not saving the world from substance use helping run a dance studio and on adventures with her amazing almost teenager daughter, her partner and their dog.

210 South Hills DrElizabethton, TN 37643

Funding provided by grants from the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, United Way of East TN Highlands, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Drug Free Communities Program, National Recreation and Parks Association and others.  

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